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Thank the Republicans for Health Care Reform and More


If you do not like the Health Care Reform Bill the way it is then thank the Republicans.  That’s right, thank each and every Republican because they decided to destroy President Obama instead of putting together a good Health Care Reform Bill like the American People wanted and needed because of greedy insurance companies.

Yes this bill could have been better but the Republicans could and should have worked with the Democrats to make this bill better.  The Republicans were and are trying to destroy our country to worry about what is good for the United States.  They say that they want Health Care Reform but as you have seen and can see that they are flat out lying.  President Obama had many times tried to get the Republicans to help but they flat out refused even when their own parts of the plan were included.  Anything and everything that the President agreed on that the Republicans included in the plan then the Republicans would then disagree even when it was their own idea.  This is a disgrace and proves that the Republicans have no interest in improving America for the working people of America.

For those people that think Medicaid or Medicare does not work because they are still paying out-of-pocket expenses, what would the out-of-pocket be if they did not have Medicare or Medicaid?  They would either be dead or totally broke without any coverage at all.  Medicare or Medicaid is not perfect, but is a lot better for America than have to depend on selfish insurance companies.   Yes, Medicaid and Medicare need improvements which are on the way, which by the way Republicans refused to do.

The Health Care Reform Bill is not about the people that are going to abuse the system but about the people that come down with an illness or one of their family members comes down with an illness or get into an accident.  Accidents and Illnesses happen to people all of the time and with this Health Care Reform Bill it will help keep them from losing everything they own and will help them mentally when a crisis happen.  There will always be people that will try to abuse the system and there will always be people that think that the system will cost them or does not work at all.

For the people that think that the system won’t work, then why does it work in Canada, Spain and across Europe?  Yes, Canada has people come to the United States for Medical Services just as people from the United States go to Canada for Medical Services.  Most people in Canada are proud of insurance that the country provides.  The same with the people from Spain are happy with their single payer.  Some people think that we will end up like some European Countries and I hope so because United States is now number 37 on the list of best Medical Services out of all the countries listed.  This is not acceptable for the American People.

The Republicans lied about the wars they got us into and again about Health Care Reform that they are trying to defeat.  For those people that think that Social Security is going broke, then again, you should thank the Republicans because they are the ones that got us into two wars where billions of dollars are going that could help out help out Social Security and all other programs that our government works with.  All of our money is going to help people in other countries instead of helping our own.  By the way the Insurance companies spent over 200 million dollars trying to defeat the Health Care Reform and the Republicans has received a lot of that money and are still receiving it for their campaigns.

And yes I think that this Health Care Reform Bill will not bring costs down but this is only a start.   I do believe that the only way to bring down cost is to have a Public Options.  The Public Option, I hope, will be added a little later.  The Public Option is the only way to bring down the cost for all Americans buying insurance and bring in better care from all from insurance companies.  The Public Option is the most wanted part of Health Care Reform but was left out of the bill because of the lies that were being spread by the Republicans.

The people think that they are in the middle class and think that this bill will hurt them by costing more is just flat out wrong.  This bill will reduce costs for them because Health Care Insurance companies will not be able to raise your rate without the risk of losing you as a paying customer to another insurance company which the price is lower or have better service or both.  Insurance companies have spent over 200 million dollars trying to defeat this Health Care Reform Bill and where do you think this money came from?  The money and the big corporate bonuses came from overcharging and underpaying on coverage for their customers, which are, you the middle class. 

The people that think that the Health Care Reform Bill will cost billions of dollars more are just misinformed by the Republicans with more of their lies.  They have been spreading these lies even before the Health Care Reform Bill was even cost out.  The Republicans have been spreading these lies even before the bill ever finish.  You cannot have a cost factor until the bill is totally finished.  The Republicans started theses lies so they can stir an uproar before the bill was ever finish to get support to defeat the Health Care Reform Bill so the Obama administration will fail, which is their overall plan, do whatever it takes to make Obama fail.  The fact is that it will save billions of dollars on the U.S. deficit over the next ten years and even more money over the following ten years. This means that the will shrink and eventfully reduce the deficit back to a surplus before the Republicans got in office.  You can thank the Republicans again for such failure for our budget.

The car industry failure is also of Republican doings along with the employment collapse.  If the Republicans have done their job in the first place we would not have the high unemployment,  we would not have high insurances rates, we would not have insurance companies dropping people for pre-existing illnesses, we would not have so many people without insurance, and much more.  Thank you, Republicans, for all of that.

Paying for Health Care Reform is no different than paying for Schools, Police, Fire, Public Transportation, and even more when you don’t use it.  I do not use the Police, Fire, Public Transportation and more of everyday services provided by the United States everyday or have I ever used some of the services provided by the United States Government but I am glad that they are there if and when I would ever need them.  I still have to pay for them anyway if I use them or not.  Don’t forget about the way the Republicans handled Katrina which people are still looking for help that was there when needed, under Republican control.  Thank the Republicans for that mess, too.  Every time the Republicans have the power to do something great for the country it is always about ripping the American people off and lining their own pockets.  The Republicans are out for themselves and only themselves.  History and present day actions prove this to be true.

There are a lot of other countries who are doing better than we are with their people's healthcare. It's time for us to do something about our broken system and if you agree, but just disagree with this bill, then you should have focused your time on the Republicans and demanded that they do something to save our healthcare system, because it's crystal clear that the Republicans have drawn a line in the sand protecting the status quo of our current healthcare system, and that's unacceptable to me and it should be to you.

I think that in November the people should be at the voting poles eliminating the each and every Republican that is in office today.  They are a total disgrace to the Republican Party and to themselves and are doing more damage our country than any terrorist has or ever will. 

Thank You Republicans for the wars that we should not be in, the high employment rate, the financial failures, auto industry failure, and there is so much more that I want to thank you for only if I knew what they are.



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