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Democrat running for Senate

Kendrick Meek


Florida Candidate for US Senate Kendrick Meek

I wanted to invite you to the BBQ Kendrick Meek, the Democrat running for Senate, is having in North Broward. It will be a lot of fun and the tickets will help pay for the food and help get Kendrick elected. Kendrick will be attending and is looking forward to kicking off the election year with his friends. The cookout will be a great to meet the candidate and hear about the strategy to take back the Senate seat for the Democrats. 



Location:    Tradewinds Park (3600 W. Sample Rd., Coconut Creek)
Date:           Saturday, January 30th
Time:          11:00-4:00 (most people will come around 12:00 PM and leave around 3:00 PM)

Tickets:      $20.10 Each. ($20.10 for 1, $40.20 for 2, $60.30 for 3).

You can get tickets from the website below and the campaign will then mail it to you:

- http://www.kendrickmeek.com/bbq



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