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Bill McCollum is Wasting Tax Payer's Money and Giving to His Friends


Bill McCollum just keeps twisting the knife into the backs of Florida taxpayers.

He began with his personal crusade to sue the federal government over needed health care reform legislation. Now he has announced that he has hired his long-term buddy and fellow lobbyist, David Rivkin, as the lawyer on the case with a no-bid deal paid for with your tax dollars. This may help Bill McCollum curry favor with the right-wing groups calling for a repeal of health care reform -- but it hurts Florida's families.

Is this what "politics-as-usual" has come to? Wasting taxpayer money in a tough economy to take away health care benefits from Floridians in order to woo some right-wing bigwigs in Washington, D.C.?

We don't need another career politician like Bill McCollum as Florida's next governor -- we need a real leader like Alex Sink who will put Florida's hard-working families first.

McCollum is so out-of-touch, he doesn't realize that in an economy where every job is hard-won, filling the pockets of a Washington lobbyist buddy to work on a taxpayer-funded lawsuit against our state's interests is a terrible strategy.

And it really makes me wonder, if Bill McCollum doesn't understand this -- what else doesn't he get?

While McCollum is pulling this partisan stunt to try and earn the national spotlight as the favorite son of the Tea Party movement, Alex Sink is earning support and votes from the hard-working people of Florida by sharing her vision for moving Florida forward.



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