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Bad Gas


I received this E-Mail from Martha Jaramillo and thought that you should know about her problem when it came ot buying gas at a gas station. Remember to always get a receipt for your gas so you can have at least a chance to get someone to fix the problem cause when and if you buy bad gasoline. She explained ot me what happened to her and she is letting everyone know so it does not happen to you.

I just wanted to point out the importance the importance of Gasoline and its contamination.

Last Friday I fueled at Valero Gas Station on 106 Ave NW 102 st. at lunch time and  paid cash and did not get a receipt.

At the time of leaving work, my car did not start and since it was a 2008 Honda I called Honda and they had it towed to their shop.  Later during the day, Honda called me back to advise me that my car was GASOLINE CONTAMINATED and that was a very common issue now in Florida since the gasoline is having a high grade of Ethanol.  In order for my car to start working again, I had to pay $1400 which State Farm does not cover nor the warranty since it was not an operating problem.


PLEASE I want to point out to please make every viewer aware of the importance.  Now, I have no money to fix my car, no insurance coverage, and cannot do anything to the Gas Station.


I am very frustrated since I need my vehicle to get from and to work.  Now what do I do??? Meanwhile these gas stations are making millions of money.



Martha Jaramillo

Revenue Protection

Dade Meters

305 863-4055



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