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Internet Advertising Opportunities


Miami Complaints delivers more than 216,000 page views weekly, reaching more than 6,500 unique visitors per month. Advertisers can reach this potential audience by posting an advertisement on Miami Complaints Website.
Advertisements placed within this site can direct or ‘link’ visitors to your Web site, increasing your traffic and brand awareness. 

Advertising Rates and Policies

All advertising rates are net and are billed weekly unless otherwise noted on contract.
Banner ads come in two forms:
Prime slot at the top of our page, begin at an introductory rate of $250. 

Thumbnail ads, interspersed in the right column of the page, begin at an introductory rate of $200.


Miami Complaints strictly prohibits the delivery of Spyware on its site. A partial definition of Spyware is a software based trigger or program that monitors a computer's usage, sends information about the computer usage to a remote computer or server displays, or causes to be displayed an advertisement in response to the computer's usage without the knowledge or approval of the user.

Format Guidelines

JPEG, GIF or Flash files are acceptable. If Flash is used, advertiser must also include an animated GIF of the ad to be used when a user doesn't have Flash on their computer.
Placement Options/Size
Banner ad, placed at the top of the page, dimensions: 700 x 100 pixels. Thumbnail ad, right column of the page, dimensions: 220 x 152 pixles. 

Changes of Policy

Miami Complaints reserves the right to change, amend or eliminate advertising policies with 30 days advance notice. Submitting an advertisement for publication or distribution represents the advertiser's agreement to abide by the policies of  Miami Complaints.

Identification and Indemnification

Advertisers who purchase ad impressions from the Miami Complaints site must have either the company's registered URL or name in one of the frames of the ad. Under no circumstances do we accept advertising without identifying the company. The advertiser agrees that it is responsible to third parties for the content of advertisements placed. In the event that Miami Complaints becomes liable to any third party as a result of an advertisement, the advertiser agrees to indemnify any or all of them for damages owed to the third party and for the fees and costs associated with the controversy.

Payment Terms

All advertising must be paid in advance and can be mailed in the form of money order or check made payable to : Ronald Norman, 245 SW 9th Street, Suite 1, Miami, Florida 33130-3534

Publisher's Rights

All advertising is subject to approval from Miami Complaints regarding subject matter, form size, wording, illustrations, animation and typography. The publishers reserve the right to edit, reject or cancel any advertisement at any time, before or after placement. Miami Complaints does not accept online advertising for massage, escort services, astrology, (900) numbers, gambling, alcohol (including beer), tobacco, tea or coffee, NC-17 or X-rated movies, or any site deemed to contain pornographic material. Miami Complaints will not knowingly accept advertising for a book, motion picture or product involved in pending litigation.

Site Aggregators

Publishers reserve the right to review all potential advertisers' Web sites at any time, before or after placement, to determine whether they are deemed "site aggregators." Generally, a site aggregator is viewed as a site that acts as a portal/destination site containing content and advertising from multiple entities. Publishers reserve the right to reject advertising that is deemed competitive or contrary to the best interests of the company.

Space Brokering

Advertising agencies who wish to purchase space within our online sites must meet the following criteria:

  1. Space must be filled by a single specific advertiser.
  2. Contracts for space must be signed by the advertiser, and a signed agency agreement must accompany the contract.

For more information or questions about advertising on Miami Complaints Website please contact us at rnorman489@hotmail.com or 786-286-0773.

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