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Privacy Policy


Make sure that you understand our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Miami Complaints Office has no authority to make investigations of City, County, State or Federal affairs. We relay the complaints to the correct agency to investigate the past, present and proposed City, County and State Public Health Trust programs, accounts, records, contracts, and transactions. If the complaint is found to be justified, then we put it to the public for everyone to know that corrections are needed. In order to carry out these functions, we need your cooperation and records of your complaint.  We will send the records to the appropriate office that has the power to subpoena witnesses and require the production of documents. Additionally, Miami Complaints may report and/or recommend to the City, County, or State Commissioners or Representatives whether a particular law, project or contract is or was necessary, and if so, whether the method used is or was financially and operationally efficient. Furthermore, Miami Complaints will conduct random audits, inspections, and reviews of fraud, waste, financial mismanagement and corruption on all complaints.  
Investigations are only initiated upon the receipt of credible information alleging an act of fraud, waste, financial mismanagement or corruption. These investigations to include all city, county, state, and federal employees, public officials, and elected officials.

You should contact the Miami Complaints whenever you have reason to suspect fraud, waste, misconduct, or any other concerns within the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County or State of Florida government.  This includes any of their agencies such as City or County Mayor, City, County or State Inspectors, bad laws that are on the books, police misconduct, and more.  Our telephone hotline number is (786) 286-0773.
Ongoing audits and investigations are exempt from public disclosure. However, once an audit or investigation is finalized it becomes a public record, pursuant to Florida’s public records laws.
Once Miami Complaints closes an investigation, it will either close it out all together if there is not merit found to keep it open or it will pursue it further by publicizing the outcome of the investigation to get better support.  However, the agency that we submit your complaint to, the report or audit is usually made available to the public by filing it with the Clerk of the Board and through its publication on their website.

Under certain circumstances, Miami Complaints may be able to provide you with confidentiality. In addition, there are provisions under Federal, Florida law and the Code of Miami-Dade County that protect employees from retaliation under certain circumstances.


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