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U.S. House of Representatives


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For the current Congress, see 110th United States Congress.

For the next Congress, see 111th United States Congress.

The United States House of Representatives is one of the two chambers of the United States Congress; the other is the Senate. Each state receives representation in the House in proportion to its population but is entitled to at least one Representative. The most populous state, California, currently has 53 representatives. The total number of voting representatives is currently fixed at 435.[1] Each representative serves for a two-year term. The presiding officer of the House is the Speaker, and is elected by the members.

Because its members are generally elected from smaller (an average of 693,000 residents as of 2007) and more commonly homogeneous districts than those from the Senate, the House is generally considered by some sources to be a more partisan chamber. The House was granted its own exclusive powers: the power to initiate revenue bills, impeach officials, and elect the President in electoral college deadlocks.

The House meets in the south wing of the United States Capitol.

To read more about the House of Representatives Click Here.

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U.S House of Representatives


Aderholt,Robert, Alabama, 4th

Bonner, Jo, Alabama, 1st

Davis, Artur, Alabama, 7th

Rogers, Mike, Alabama, 3rd

Bachus, Spencer, Alabama, 6th

Cramer, Robert E. "Bud", Alabama, 5th

Everett, Terry, Alabama, 2nd



Young, Don, Alaska, At Large  
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Berry, Marion, Arkansas, 1st

Ross, Mike, Arkansas, 4th

Boozman, John, Arkansas, 3rd

Snyder, Vic, Arkansas 2nd



Franks, Trent, Arizona, 2nd

Grijalva, Raul, Arizona, 7th

Mitchell, Harry E., Arizona, 5th

Renzi, Rick, Arizona, 1st

Giffords, Gabrielle, Arizona, 8th

Flake, Jeff, Arizona, 6th

Pastor, Ed, Arizona, 4th

Shadegg, John, Arizona, 3rd



Baca, Joe, California, 43rd

Berman, Howard, California, 28th

Bono, Mary, California, 45th

Campbell, John, California, 48th

Cardoza, Dennis, California, 18th

Davis, Susan, California, 53rd

Dreier, David, California, 26th

Farr, Sam, California, 17th

Gallegly, Elton, California, 24th

Herger, Wally, California, 2nd

Hunter, Duncan, California, 52nd

Lewis, Jerry, California, 41st

Lungren, Daniel E., California, 3rd

Matsui, Doris O., California, 5th

McNerney, Jerry, California, 11th

Miller, Gary, California, 42nd

Napolitano, Grace, California, 38th

Pelosi, Nancy, California, 8th

Richardson, Laura, California, 37th

Rohrabacher, Dana, California, 46th

Royce, Ed, California, 40th

Sanchez, Loretta, California, 47th

Sherman, Brad, California, 27th

Speier, Jackie, California, 12th

Tauscher, Ellen, California, 10th

Waters, Maxine, California, 35th

Waxman, Henry, California, 30th

Becerra, Xavier, California, 31st

Bilbray, Brian P., California, 50th

Calvert, Ken, California, 44th

Capps, Lois, California, 23rd

Costa, Jim, California, 20th

Doolittle, John, California, 4th

Eshoo, Anna G., California, 14th

Filner, Bob, California, 51st

Harman, Jane, California, 36th

Honda, Mike, California, 15th

Issa,Darrell, California, 49th

Lee, Barbara, California, 9th

Lofgren, Zoe, California, 16th

McKeon, Buck, California, 25th

McCarthy, Kevin, California, 22nd

Miller, George, California, 7th

Nunes, Devin, California, 21st

Radanovich, George P., California, 19th

Roybal-Allard, Lucille, California, 34th

Sanchez, Linda, California, 39th

Schiff, Adam, California, 29th

Solis, Hilda, California, 32nd

Stark, Fortney Pete, California, 13th

Thompson, Mike, California, 1st

Watson, Diane E., California, 33rd

Woolsey, Lynn, California, 6th



DeGette, Diana, Colorado, 1st

Musgrave, Marilyn, Colorado, 4th

Salazar, John T., Colorado, 3rd

Udall, Mark, Colorado, 2nd

Lamborn, Doug, Colorado, 5th

Perlmutter, Ed, Colorado, 7th

Tancredo, Tom, Colorado, 6th



Courtney, Joe, Connecticut, 2nd

Larson, John B., Connecticut, 1st

Shays, Christopher, Connecticut, 4th

DeLauro, Rosa L., Connecticut, 3rd

Murphy, Christopher S., Connecticut, 5th


District of Columbia
Norton, Eleanor Holmes, District of Columbia  

Castle, Michael N., Delaware, At Large  


Bilirakis, Gus M., Florida, 9th

Brown, Corrine, Florida, 3rd

Buchanan, Vern, Florida, 13th

Castor, Kathy, Florida, 11th

Diaz-Balart, Mario, Florida, 25th

Hastings, Alcee L., Florida, 23rd

Klein, Ron , Florida, 22nd

Mahoney, Tim, Florida, 16th

Mica, John, Florida, 7th

Putnam, Adam, Florida, 12th

Stearns, Cliff, Florida, 6th

Weldon, Dave, Florida, 15th

Young, C.W. Bill, Florida, 10th

Boyd, Allen, Florida, 2nd

Brown-Waite, Virginia, Florida, 5th

Crenshaw, Ander, Florida, 4th

Diaz-Balart, Lincoln, Florida, 21st

Feeney, Tom, Florida, 24th

Keller, Ric, Florida, 8th

Mack, Connie, Florida, 14th

Meek, Kendrick, Florida, 17th

Miller, Jeff, Florida, 1st

Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana, Florida, 18th

Wasserman Schultz, Debbie, Florida, 20th

Wexler, Robert, Florida, 19th



Barrow, John, Georgia, 12th

Deal, Nathan, Georgia, 9th

Johnson, Henry C. "Hank" Jr., Georgia, 4th

Lewis, John, Georgia, 5th

Marshall, Jim, Georgia, 8th

Price, Tom, Georgia, 6th

Westmoreland, Lynn A., Georgia, 3rd

Bishop Jr., Sanford D., Georgia, 2nd

Gingrey, Phil, Georgia, 11th

Kingston, Jack, Georgia, 1st

Linder, John, Georgia, 7th

Broun, Paul C., Georgia, 10th

Scott, David, Georgia, 13th


Abercrombie, Neil, Hawaii, 1st Hirono, Mazie K., Hawaii, 2nd


Boswell, Leonard, Iowa, 3rd

King, Steve, Iowa, 5th

Latham, Tom, Iowa, 4th

Braley, Bruce L., Iowa, 1st

Loebsack, David, Iowa, 2nd


Sali, Bill, Idaho, 1st Simpson, Mike, Idaho, 2nd


Bean, Melissa L., Illinois, 8th

Costello, Jerry, Illinois, 12th

Emanuel, Rahm, Illinois, 5th

Foster, Bill, Illinois, 14th

Jackson Jr., Jesse L., Illinois, 2nd

Kirk, Mark, Illinois, 10th

Lipinski, Daniel, Illinois, 3rd

Roskam, Peter J., Illinois, 6th

Schakowsky, Jan, Illinois, 9th

Weller, Jerry, Illinois, 11th

Biggert, Judy, Illinois, 13th

Davis, Danny K., Illinois, 7th

Gutierrez, Luis, Illinois, 4th

Hare, Phil, Illinois, 17th

Johnson, Timothy V., Illinois, 15th

LaHood, Ray, Illinois, 18th

Manzullo, Donald, Illinois, 16th

Rush, Bobby L., Illinois, 1st

Shimkus, John, Illinois, 19th



Burton, Dan, Indiana, 5th

Carson, André, Indiana, 7th

Ellsworth, Brad, Indiana, 8th

Pence, Mike, Indiana, 6th

Visclosky, Peter, Indiana, 1st

Buyer, Steve, Indiana, 4th

Donnelly, Joe, Indiana, 2nd

Hill, Baron, Indiana, 9th

Souder, Mark E., Indiana, 3rd



Boyda, Nancy E., Kansas, 2nd

Moran, Jerry, Kansas, 1st

Moore, Dennis, Kansas, 3rd

Tiahrt, Todd, Kansas, 4th


Chandler, Ben, Kentucky, 6th

Lewis, Ron, Kentucky, 2nd

Whitfield, Ed, Kentucky, 1st

Davis, Geoff, Kentucky, 4th

Rogers, Harold, Kentucky, 5th

Yarmuth, John A., Kentucky, 3rd


Alexander, Rodney, Louisiana, 5th

Boustany Jr., Charles W., Louisiana, 7th

Melancon, Charlie, Louisiana, 3rd


Cazayoux, Don, Louisiana, 6th

Jefferson, William J., Louisiana, 2nd

McCrery, Jim, Louisiana, 4th

Scalise, Steve, Louisiana, 1st


Capuano, Michael E., Massachusetts, 8th

Frank, Barney, Massachusetts, 4th

McGovern, James, Massachusetts, 3rd

Neal, Richard E., Massachusetts, 2nd

Tierney, John, Massachusetts, 6th

Delahunt, William, Massachusetts, 10th

Lynch, Stephen F., Massachusetts, 9th

Markey, Ed, Massachusetts, 7th

Olver, John, Massachusetts, 1st

Tsongas, Niki, Massachusetts, 5th


Bartlett, Roscoe, Maryland, 6th

Edwards, Donna F., Maryland, 4th

Hoyer, Steny H., Maryland, 5th

Sarbanes, John P., Maryland, 3rd

Cummings, Elijah, Maryland, 7th

Gilchrest, Wayne, Maryland, 1st

Ruppersberger, Dutch, Maryland, 2nd

Van Hollen, Chris, Maryland, 8th

Allen, Tom, Maine, 1st Michaud, Michael, Maine, 2nd


Camp, Dave, Michigan, 4th

Dingell, John D., Michigan, 15th

Hoekstra, Pete, Michigan, 2nd

Kilpatrick, Carolyn, Michigan, 13th

Levin, Sander, Michigan, 12th

Miller, Candice, Michigan, 10th

Stupak, Bart, Michigan, 1st

Walberg, Timothy, Michigan, 7th

Conyers Jr., John, Michigan, 14th

Ehlers, Vernon J., Michigan, 3rd

Kildee, Dale, Michigan, 5th

Knollenberg, Joseph, Michigan, 9th

McCotter, Thaddeus, Michigan, 11th

Rogers, Mike, Michigan, 8th

Upton, Fred, Michigan, 6th



Bachmann, Michele, Minnesota, 6th

Kline, John, Minnesota, 2nd

Oberstar, James L., Minnesota, 8th

Ramstad, Jim, Minnesota, 3rd

Ellison, Keith, Minnesota, 5th

McCollum, Betty, Minnesota, 4th

Peterson, Collin C., Minnesota, 7th

Walz, Timothy J., Minnesota, 1st


Akin, Todd, Missouri, 2nd

Carnahan, Russ, Missouri, 3rd

Cleaver, Emanuel, Missouri, 5th

Graves, Sam, Missouri, 6th

Skelton, Ike, Missouri, 4th

Blunt, Roy, Missouri 7th

Clay Jr., William "Lacy", Missouri, 1st

Emerson, Jo Ann, Missouri, 8th

Hulshof, Kenny, Missouri, 9th



Childers, Travis, Mississippi, 1st

Taylor, Gene, Mississippi, 4th

Pickering, Charles W. "Chip", Mississippi, 3rd

Thompson, Bennie G., Mississippi, 2nd

Rehberg, Dennis, Montana, At Large  


Fortenberry, Jeff, Nebraska, 1st

Terry, Lee, Nebraska, 2nd

Smith, Adrian, Nebraska, 3rd



Berkley, Shelley, Nevada, 1st

Porter, Jon, Nevada, 3rd

Heller, Dean, Nevada, 2nd


New Hampshire
Hodes, Paul W., New Hampshire, 2nd Shea-Porter, Carol, New Hampshire, 1st

New Jersey

Andrews, Robert E., New Jersey, 1st

Frelinghuysen, Rodney, New Jersey, 11th

Holt, Rush, New Jersey, 12th

Pallone Jr., Frank, New Jersey, 6th

Payne, Donald M., New Jersey, 10th

Saxton, Jim, New Jersey, 3rd

Smith, Chris, New Jersey, 4th

Ferguson, Michael, New Jersey, 7th

Garrett, Scott, New Jersey, 5th

LoBiondo, Frank, New Jersey, 2nd

Pascrell Jr., Bill, New Jersey, 8th

Rothman, Steven, New Jersey, 9th

Sires, Albio, New Jersey, 13th


New Mexico

Pearce, Steve, New Mexico, 2nd

Wilson, Heather, New Mexico, 1st

Udall, Tom, New Mexico, 3rd


New York

Ackerman, Gary, New York, 5th

Bishop, Timothy, New York, 1st

Crowley, Joseph, New York, 7th

Fossella, Vito, New York, 13th

Hall, John J., New York, 19th

Hinchey, Maurice, New York, 22nd

King, Pete, New York, 3rd

Lowey, Nita, New York, 18th

McHugh, John M., New York, 23rd

Maloney, Carolyn, New York, 14th

Nadler, Jerrold, New York, 8th

Reynolds, Thomas M., New York, 26th

Slaughter, Louise, New York, 28th

Velázquez, Nydia M., New York, 12th

Weiner, Anthony D., New York, 9th

Arcuri, Michael A., New York, 24th

Clarke, Yvette D., New York, 11th

Engel, Eliot, New York, 17th

Gillibrand, Kirsten E., New York, 20th

Higgins, Brian, New York, 27th

Israel, Steve, New York, 2nd

Kuhl Jr., John R. "Randy", New York, 29th

McCarthy, Carolyn, New York, 4th

McNulty, Michael R., New York, 21st

Meeks, Gregory W., New York, 6th

Rangel, Charles B., New York, 15th

Serrano, José E., New York, 16th

Towns, Edolphus, New York, 10th

Walsh, Jim, New York, 25th


North Carolina

Butterfield, G.K., North Carolina, 1st

Etheridge, Bob, North Carolina, 2nd

Hayes, Robin, North Carolina, 8th

McHenry, Patrick T., North Carolina, 10th

Miller, Brad, North Carolina, 13th

Price, David, North Carolina, 4th

Watt, Mel, North Carolina, 12th

Coble, Howard, North Carolina, 6th

Foxx, Virginia, North Carolina, 5th

Jones, Walter B., North Carolina, 3rd

McIntyre, Mike, North Carolina, 7th

Myrick, Sue, North Carolina, 9th

Shuler, Heath, North Carolina, 11th


North Dakota
Pomeroy, Earl, North Dakota, At Large  


Boehner, John A., Ohio, 8th

Fudge, Marcia L., Ohio, 11th

Jordan, Jim, Ohio, 4th

Kucinich, Dennis J., Ohio, 10th

Latta, Robert E., Ohio, 5th

Regula, Ralph, Ohio, 16th

Schmidt, Jean, Ohio, 2nd

Sutton, Betty, Ohio, 13th

Turner, Michael, Ohio, 3rd

Chabot, Steve, Ohio, 1st

Hobson, David, Ohio, 7th

Kaptur, Marcy, Ohio, 9th

LaTourette, Steven C., Ohio, 14th

Pryce, Deborah, Ohio, 15th

Ryan, Tim, Ohio, 17th

Space, Zachary T., Ohio, 18th

Tiberi, Pat, Ohio, 12th

Wilson, Charles A., Ohio, 6th


Boren, Dan, Oklahoma, 2nd

Fallin, Mary, Oklahoma, 5th

Sullivan, John, Oklahoma, 1st

Cole, Tom, Oklahoma, 4th

Lucas, Frank, Oklahoma, 3rd



Blumenauer, Earl, Oregon 3rd

Hooley, Darlene, Oregon, 5th

Wu, David, Oregon, 1st

DeFazio, Peter, Oregon, 4th

Walden, Greg, Oregon, 2nd



Altmire, Jason, Pennsylvania, 4th

Carney, Christopher P., Pennsylvania, 10th

Doyle, Mike, Pennsylvania, 14th

Fattah, Chaka, Pennsylvania, 2nd

Kanjorski, Paul E., Pennsylvania, 11th

Murphy, Patrick J., Pennsylvania, 8th

Murtha, John, Pennsylvania, 12th

Pitts, Joseph R., Pennsylvania, 16th

Schwartz, Allyson Y., Pennsylvania, 13th

Shuster, Bill, Pennsylvania, 9th

Brady, Robert, Pennsylvania, 1st

Dent, Charles W., Pennsylvania, 15th

English, Phil, Pennsylvania, 3rd

Gerlach, Jim, Pennsylvania, 6th

Holden, Tim, Pennsylvania, 17th

Murphy, Tim, Pennsylvania, 18th

Peterson, John E., Pennsylvania, 5th

Platts, Todd, Pennsylvania, 19th

Sestak, Joe, Pennsylvania, 7th


Rhode Island
Kennedy, Patrick, Rhode Island, 1st Langevin, Jim, Rhode Island, 2nd

South Carolina

Barrett, J.Gresham, South Carolina, 3rd

Clyburn, James E., South Carolina, 6th

Spratt, John, South Carolina, 5th

Brown, Henry, South Carolina, 1st

Inglis, Bob, South Carolina, 4th

Wilson, Joe, South Carolina, 2nd

South Dakota
Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie, South Dakota, At Large  


Blackburn, Marsha, Tennessee 7th

Cooper, Jim, Tennessee, 5th

Davis, Lincoln, Tennessee, 4th

Gordon, Bart, Tennessee, 6th

Wamp, Zach, Tennessee, 3rd

Cohen, Steve, Tennessee, 9th

Davis, David, Tennessee, 1st

Duncan Jr., John J., Tennessee, 2nd

Tanner, John, Tennessee, 8th



Barton, Joe, Texas, 6th

Burgess, Michael, Texas, 26th

Conaway, K. Michael, Texas, 11th

Culberson, John, Texas, 7th

Edwards, Chet, Texas, 17th

Gonzalez, Charlie A., Texas, 20th

Green, Al, Texas, 9th

Hall, Ralph M., Texas, 4th

Hinojosa, Rubén, Texas, 15th

Johnson, Eddie Bernice, Texas 30th

Lampson, Nick, Texas, 22nd

McCaul, Michael T., Texas, 10th

Ortiz, Solomon P., Texas, 27th

Poe, Ted, Texas, 2nd

Rodriguez, Ciro, Texas, 23rd

Smith, Lamar, Texas, 21st

Brady, Kevin, Texas, 8th

Carter, John, Texas, 31st

Cuellar, Henry, Texas, 28th

Doggett, Lloyd, Texas, 25th

Gohmert, Louie, Texas 1st

Granger, Kay, Texas, 12th

Green, Gene, Texas, 29th

Hensarling, Jeb, Texas, 5th

Jackson Lee, Sheila, Texas, 18th

Johnson, Sam, Texas, 3rd

Marchant, Kenny, Texas, 24th

Neugebauer, Randy, Texas, 19th

Paul, Ron, Texas, 14th

Reyes, Silvestre, Texas, 16th

Sessions, Pete, Texas, 32nd

Thornberry, Mac, Texas, 13th


Bishop, Rob, Utah, 1st

Matheson, Jim, Utah, 2nd

Cannon, Chris, Utah, 3rd


Welch, Peter, Vermont, At Large  


Cantor, Eric, Virginia, 7th

Drake, Thelma D., Virginia, 2nd

Goode Jr., Virgil H., Virginia, 5th

Moran, Jim, Virginia, 8th

Wittman, Robert J., Virginia, 1st


Boucher, Rick, Virginia, 9th

Davis, Tom, Virginia, 11th -- Vacancy

Forbes, J. Randy, Virginia, 4th

Goodlatte, Bob, Virginia, 6th

Scott, Robert C. "Bobby", Virginia, 3rd

Wolf, Frank, Virginia, 10th


Baird, Brian, Washington, 3rd

Hastings, Doc, Washington, 4th

Larsen, Rick, Washington, 2nd

McMorris Rodgers, Cathy, Washington, 5th

Smith, Adam, Washington, 9th

Dicks, Norman D., Washington, 6th

Inslee, Jay, Washington, 1st

McDermott, Jim, Washington, 7th

Reichert, David G., Washington, 8th



Baldwin, Tammy, Wisconsin, 2nd

Kind, Ron, Wisconsin, 3rd

Obey, David R., Wisconsin, 7th

Ryan, Paul, Wisconsin, 1st

Kagen, Steve, Wisconsin, 8th

Moore, Gwen, Wisconsin, 4th

Petri, Thomas, Wisconsin, 6th

Sensenbrenner, F. James, Wisconsin, 5th

West Virginia

Capito, Shelley Moore, West Virginia, 2nd

Rahall, Nick, West Virginia, 3rd

Mollohan, Alan B., West Virginia, 1st


Cubin, Barbara, Wyoming, At Large  

American Samoa
Faleomavaega, Eni F. H., American Samoa (Delegate)

Bordallo, Madeleine, Guam (Delegate)

Puerto Rico
Fortuno, Luis G., Puerto Rico (Resident Commissioner)

Virgin Islands
Christian-Christensen, Donna M., U.S. Virgin Islands (Delegate)





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