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Florida Government at it's Worst

Fred Thompson on the Economy---Check it out!!

Important Announcements from Florida Division of Consumer Services

Florida Consumer E-Alerts - New Phishing Scam

Clean Up Miami

Clean Up Miami Social Networking Website

Small Farm and Land for Sale in Homestead

Partners for Self Employment - Get Free Help and Educated In Business


Rachel Maddow On Health Care and the Lying Republicans

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One Nation March Coming October 2, 2010


Our nation stands at a critical crossroads. The 30-year drive for a low-wage, high-consumption society that imports more and more of what it consumes has hit the wall.

Millions are unemployed, with little recovery in sight. A record number of Americans who want desperately to work have been jobless for more than 6 months.


What is a Small Business

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The OpEd: GOP won’t quit with health care repeal push

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Pawlenty Restricts Health Care Money

This needs to be stopped before there are more services eliminated through out the United States just for political gain.

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Weekly Address: The End of Combat Operations in Iraq


Target Video - This weekend, Target customers fed up with Target's shameless attempt to buy an election in Minnesota took their message straight to their local store—but with a great creative twist!

Dylan Radigan Show - Jane Hamster Legalize Marijuana - I appeared on MSNBC a couple of weeks ago and said that what we were calling an immigration problem was really a drug cartel problem.  The video surprisingly traveled all over the internet, so they asked me back to talk about it and let me give Dylan’s “daily rant.”  It was fun.

Bud Chiles Encouraged and Energized to Move Forward - August 8, 2010 - Every candidate is supposed to say that they’ll bring jobs to Florida. But the other candidates will spend their time in office appeasing the interest groups that got them there.

Judge takes Florida property tax measure off ballot - July 24, 2010 - A judge Friday removed from November's ballot a proposed constitutional amendment that would have given an extra property tax break to some homeowners, saying its ballot title and summary are misleading.

Aid for the long-term jobless - July 24, 2010 - Gov. Charlie Crist issued an executive order that allows Floridians who had exhausted 79 weeks of jobless benefits to be eligible for up to 20 more weeks.

Alan Grayson on Unemployment Bill



By the People - July 11, 2010 - A video by Carl Malamud making change to our Justice System. This is a 22 minute video that I think you should watch and support for change in our Justice System.

Lawmakers' income far surpasses those they represent - July 11, 2010 - State senators and representatives earned about $153,000 on average; the average household earned about $48,000.

What Can We Do About Unemployment Benefits? - July 7, 2010 - My report on the Senate's failure to pass the latest version of the jobs/tax bill has generated more comments than I've seen in a long while. They concern one piece of the package — the extension of unemployment insurance benefits.

Listen All Y'all, It's a Republican Sabotage - July 1, 2010 - Tuesday morning on CNBC, the spazzy white guys in lower Manhattan were debating how the administration and Congress can best repair the economy, and mainly the jobless numbers. At one point, Rick Santelli, the hyperkinetic shoutcaster and instigator of the tea party movement, began to flail around, waving his arms above his head while yelling, "Stop spending! Stop spending! Stop spending!"


Ed Shultz on the Very "Bad Senate" or "Very Bad Republicans"

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Noncriminal, undocumented aliens aren't being left alone, activists complain - June 21, 2010 - Immigration attorneys say the continued detention of noncriminal, undocumented aliens contradicts the Obama administration's promise to go easy on the


President Obama Slams Republicans

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Joe Barton Helps Democrats Find Their Voice


Fed adopts credit-card rules that help rein in penalty fees - June 6, 2010 - Rules taking effect Aug. 22 will ban `inactivity' fees and bar credit-card companies from charging a penalty fee of more than $25 for paying a bill late

You're being lied to about Fair Districts - June 14, 2010 - Politics is full of lies. However, rarely is a lie so provably debunked as the one that opponents of Fair Districts are spreading

Corruprion in 2010 - May 28, 2010 - Will 2010 see a surge forward, or an easing back of corruption? There is unease about how much of the stimulus money might be corruptly misappropriated.

Post Editorial Board Interviews 

Kendrick Meek


Kendrick Meek in Pamama City on Sunday - May 17, 2010

Watch more Grab Networks on AOL videos on AOL Video



Meek saves Schakowsky from choking on a turkey sandwich - May 10, 2010 - Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.) performed the Heimlich maneuver on Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) last month to keep her from choking on a turkey sandwich.

Florida voters face lengthy list of constitutional amendments - April 23, 2010 - When Floridians head to the polls in November, they'll face a lengthy and confusing array of constitutional amendments dealing with everything from property taxes to classroom sizes – tying the longest ballot in a decade.

House passes 'Corruption County' ethics bill, Senate panel OKs tougher approach - April 23, 2010 - TALLAHASSEE — Two versions of tougher ethics standards for public officials — each supported by different Palm Beach County officials — advanced in the legislature Thursday

Moving State Funds Should be Illegal - April 22, 2010 - As I was going through the news I ran across an article from Florida Capital News called "Legislature Raids Trust Fund" Transportation money will be used to help plug budget shortfall by Jim Ash and I was thinking that Florida Republican Congress has already messed the Florida Budget up so bad that it is a wonder if anyone can figure it like it suppose be. 

Kendrick Meek on Space Program - The Apollo missions to the space shuttle Endeavour’s scheduled launch today, spaceflight has inspired generations of young Americans to advance human understanding of the universe around them.

Keith Olbermann ripping Republican Rubio and I don't blame him. He deserved it.

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Kendrick Meek turns in last batch of voter petitions to qualify for Senate ballot - March 30, 2010 - MIAMI — U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek on Monday gave elections officials the last of the petitions signed by voters to get him on the ballot, capping an almost yearlong effort to build momentum for his U.S. Senate race.

Florida U.S. Senate Candidates differ on Health Care law - March 26, 2010 - The two Republican candidates for Florida's U.S. Senate seat said they dissapointed to see Health Care Bill signed into law Tuesday. The two Democrats disagreed.

Anger erupts over school bills - March 26, 2010 - Florida's Senate voted to put class size back before the voters; meanwhile, a House committee faced angry educators as it voted to make it easier to fire teachers

Thank the Republicans for Health Care Reform and More - March 22, 2010 - If you do not like the Health Care Reform Bill the way it is then thank the Republicans.  That’s right, thank each and every Republican because they decided to destroy President Obama instead of putting together a good Health Care Reform Bill like the American People wanted and needed because of greedy insurance companies.

Health Reform Myths - March 13, 2010 - Health reform is back from the dead. Many Democrats have realized that their electoral prospects will be better if they can point to a real accomplishment.

Florida legislators return home - March 12, 2010 - TALLAHASSEE -- Florida lawmakers returned home Thursday at the end of the second week of the Legislature's spring lawmaking session with no meetings scheduled for Friday.

Daphne Campbell Candidate for District 108 State Representative

Candidate for State Representative District 108 Daphne CampbellDo you know who your Florida State House Representative is? I can tell you who your next elected one will be in district 108. For the past twenty-two years, I have been and continue to be a mother, wife, critical care registered nurse, businesswoman, community leader and advocate in North Miami Beach.




Senate hopeful Meek speaks in Sarasota - March 2, 2010 - SARASOTA - Rep. Kendrick B. Meek, the leading and some say only legitimate Democratic candidate for Florida's open Senate seat, came to Sarasota on Saturday night to advance his historic petition-signing campaign drive.

Florida Democrat Meek revs up his advertising - February 16, 2010 - (CNN) - NASCAR stock cars have long been traveling billboards for motor oil, whiskey, even mayonnaise and trashbags, but one of the cars whizzing Saturday along the Daytona International Speedway was a marketing vehicle for a politician.

A New Chair, a New Chance - February 10, 010 - After a turbulent period in the direction and performance of the MDCDEC, we finally have a Chair who seems to be committed to have the party do what is necessary to fulfill the mission of the DEC.

Marco Rubio to run for the US Senate - February 10, 2010 - The thought of any more Florida Republicans in Congress is enough to make any thoughtful Democrat have a sudden attack of what will probably feel like “swine-flu”.

Obama: Expand two lending programs - February 7, 2010 - President Barack Obama wants Congress to expand two lending programs to get more money in the hands of small business owners.

Florida bill protects against lawsuits - February 5, 2010 - Legislation would shield theme parks and other businesses from lawsuits that can be filed even if parents sign a liability waiver for their children.

Solidarity with Concurrent Pro Democracy Protests in Iran on February 11th 2010 - February 3, 2010 - Call to Action!
Solidarity with Democracy Movement in Iran
February 11, 2010 6pm to 8:30pm at Torch of Friendship, Bayfront Park, Downtown Miami


Matt Reed: 10 ugly truths about our politicians - February 1, 2010 - Our state capital has its own rules of engagement.

Crist sets punishing pace: disciplining three dozen public officials in 3 years - February 1, 2010 - Some of Florida's public officials have been bad boys and girls, Gov. Charlie Crist says.


The President Holds an Open Discussion Across the Aisle

Posted by Jesse Lee on January 29, 2010 at 05:58 PM EST



Florida attorney general race: Beyond a common surface, a political divide - January 26, 2010 - In another neck-and-neck political battle, two ambitious senators vie for the Democratic nomination for Florida attorney general.

Redistrict plan on ballot - January 23, 2010 - Organizers for the Fair Districts proposal have gathered enough signatures to put the measure -- to change the way lawmakers draw legislative districts -- on the November ballot.

Meek gains as Ferre's Senate bid takes a hit - January 16, 2010 - Haiti's tragedy has raised the profile of the Democratic front-runner for Florida's open U.S. Senate seat, Miami U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek.

Politifact: Kendrick Meek's `tossup race' claim not substantiated - January 16, 2010 - With Republicans Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio dominating news coverage about Florida's U.S. Senate race, Democratic U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek would like you to know he's running, too.

Democrat running for Senate Kendrick MeekCandidate Florida Senator Kendrick Meek

I wanted to invite you to the BBQ Kendrick Meek, the Democrat running for Senate, is having in North Broward. It will be a lot of fun and the tickets will help pay for the food and help get Kendrick elected.





Ethics commission meets with public to clean up Broward schools - January 11, 2010 - Residents had many suggestions for an ethics commission examining the Broward school district's practices.

Miami vote may end in a drama - January 11, 2010 - As Miami voters go to the polls Tuesday to elect two commissioners in special elections, drama continued to unfold over Gov. Charlie Crist's vow to remove Michelle Spence-Jones if she wins again.

GOP infighting boost Kendrick Meek's campaign status - January 10, 2010 - Kendrick Meek wants to introduce you to the learning-impaired child who overcame dyslexia to get through college, joined the Florida Highway Patrol, won a seat in the Legislature and worked his way into a prime position of influence in Congress.

Senate hopeful Kendrick Meek visits university - January 10, 2010 - While national attention has been focused on Florida's Republican contenders for the U.S. Senate, Kendrick Meek has been flying under the radar.

Meek's Senate drive is low profile - January 10, 2009 - TAMPA - Gov. Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio can't seem to avoid headlines, but U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek can't buy one.

2009: A year of corruption charges and high-level arrests - December 30, 2009 - A Broward County School Board member dashing out of federal court following her arrest. One of Palm Beach County's longest-serving politicians battling tears before being sentenced to prison. FBI agents raiding a Fort Lauderdale law firm that allegedly fronted for one of South Florida's largest financial swindles ever.

Strange? Odd? Weird? Bizarre? _ That's Florida! - December 29, 2009 - TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- You know you're living in a weird state when the governor promotes a pay-per-minute sex chat line.

Ethics watchdog needs teeth - December 29, 2009 - The Florida Ethics Commission is like a police agency with few weapons, little investigatory scope and no authority to lock up an individual.

State’s top court orders foreclosure mediation program - December 29, 2009 - MANATEE — Florida will create a state-wide “managed mediation” program designed to help more homeowners avoid foreclosure, the state’s top court said Monday.

Senate passes extention of unemployment deadlines - December 20, 2009 - Florida's unemployment rate climbed again in November, the state reported, although Miami-Dade numbers have improved.

The Advancement Project warns of problems with upcoming elections - December 16, 2009 - A report released Thursday by the Advancement Project calls for changes in poll hours and voter registrations rules.

Florida needs a commission to know why it sends innocent people to prison - December 12, 2009 - It took 35 years for the criminal justice system to face the fact that it had wronged James Bain, a man convicted of the heinous crime of raping a 9-year-old boy in Lake Wales and sentenced to a lifetime behind bars. For nearly a decade Bain was denied requests for a DNA test on the evidence. It took a state attorney finally agreeing this year for the test to be done. The results ruled Bain out as the perpetrator.

Dade's population is revised up - December 12, 2009 - The U.S. Census Bureau revised up its 2008 estimate for Miami-Dade's population. County officials hope that translates into more federal funding.

FDLE Probes Alleged Police Cover-Up - December 11, 2009 - Officers Accused Of Falsifying Report

Senators continue to squabble over rail plan - December 5, 2009 - The House appeared likely to approve a commuter rail proposal, but the outcome remained far from certain in the Senate.

State government run like a Ponzi scheme - December 4, 20009 - In recent days, the biggest names in big Florida Ponzi schemes have been Madoff and Rothstein. No question, they've been huge and have hurt lots of people. But they are small potatoes compared to the biggest Ponzi of them all: the humongous one run for 10 years by our Republican-dominated Legislature and two governors. It has left every man, woman, and child in Florida holding the bag and has bankrupted the state.

Florida's Political System, Not Just Education, On Trial - November 26, 2009 - Christine Bramuchi, Linda Kobert, and Kathleen Oropeza are not kitchen table names in Florida, but you'll be learning more about them and their fight for Florida's public schools over the next several months.


Sen. LeMieux decries `culture of corruption' in S. Florida - November 25, 2009 - Asked about accused Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein, Sen. George LeMieux spoke out against South Florida corruption.

Can you win a lawsuit accusing the Legislature of doing a lousy job? - November 22, 2009 - Can you win a lawsuit that accuses the Florida Legislature of doing a lousy job?

SEC Investigating State Agency for Possible Fraud - November 8, 2009 - The federal Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating possible fraud by the Florida State Board of Administration, the agency that manages $132 billion in public investments for hundreds of local governments and 1 million current and future retirees.

Pressing for anticorruption measures, senator cites investigation into state investments - November 8, 2009 - TALLAHASSEE — State Sen. Dan Gelber, vying to be Florida's next attorney general, says the proposed anticorruption package he unveiled earlier this week is more vital than ever in light of confirmation this week that the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating possible fraud by the board that oversees the state pension fund

Push begins for tougher Public Service Commission rules - November 6, 2009 - Proposals emerge to force the state utility board to operate by the same ethics rules as judges.

Florida Sen. Dan Gelber pushing for tougher public corruption laws - November 5, 2009 - Citing a rash of corruption cases, a state senator is pushing for laws to combat bribery and restrict contact between the Public Service Commission and the utilities it regulates.


Governor of Florida Charlie CristGov. Charlie Crist's refusal to fund parole board contradicts policy - October 26, 2009 - Gov. Crist balks at a request to increase funding for the state parole commission, even though he has championed the streamlining of restoration of civil rights for ex-felons.


Alan Grayson on Bill Maher: GOP Health Care Reform Would Be Letting You Bring A Gun to the Doctor - October 19, 2009


In midst of offshore drilling debate, Miami lawmaker denies conflict with his lobbyist wife - October 9, 2009 - TALLAHASSEE — The powerful Miami lawmaker now in charge of the Senate committee on energy policy is married to a lobbyist hired to help secure the repeal of Florida's ban on offshore oil and gas exploration.


Countdown With Keith Olbermann


Homeowners could lose insurance coverage over Chinese-drywall woes - October 8, 2009 - Problems attributed to suspect Chinese-produced drywall may be spreading to home insurance policies.

Gov. Crist to fill empty posts on PSC - September 27, 2009 - Gov. Charlie Crist faces a deadline this week to decide whom to put on the embattled board that sets electric rates.

Florida Representative Ileana Ros-LehtinenCongresswoman Ros-Lehtinen Helps Students Afford College - September 24, 2009 - As a former educator and Florida certified teacher with a Masters from Florida International University in Education and a doctorate from the University of Miami in Education, I recognize the challenges that face our students. Of the many issues students and parents have to contend with on a daily basis, one that they should never have to worry about is how to pay for a college education.  Students need to be assured that we will support them in their pursuit of an affordable and practical higher education.


FIRST TIME HOMEBUYER CREDIT EXPIRING - September 23, 2009 - Time is running out to take advantage of the Federal government's offer of an $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit. To qualify, homebuyers must complete a first-time home purchase before December 1, 2009. This means the last day to close on a home and take advantage of the credit is November 30. I encourage potential homebuyers to take advantage of market prices and this tax credit.

Report finds fault with Florida pension overseers - September 16, 2009 - Florida has fewer people overseeing its pension fund than other states and annual independent audits may be needed, a new report said.


Gulf Coast Drilling Map of LeasesFour years after buying back oil lease, state considers allowing drilling - September 14, 2009 - In 2005, Gov. Jeb Bush and members of the Cabinet proclaimed victory for Florida when they agreed to pay Coastal Petroleum Co. $12.5 million not to abandon its leases for drilling oil off the Gulf of Mexico.


Florida taxpayers pick up tab for politicians who visit the Sunshine State - September 14, 2009 - Florida provides security to politicians who visit the Sunshine State -- and taxpayers pick up the tab.


Writer Peter Orvetti Writer Peter Orvetti - Ain't That America - September 1, 2009 - Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr., inadvertently revealed a sad truth during a confrontation with a peaceful demonstrator last Tuesday in Reston, Virginia. The man was one of several holding up signs outside a town hall forum on health care hosted by Rep. James Moran. Cheeks, a security officer employed by the public through the Fairfax County Public Schools, singled out this man because he did not like his sign.


Florida Governor Charlie CristCharlie Crist Senate Nomination - August 28, 2009 -     The process of selecting a United States Senator has been guided by the intent to select someone of great honor and integrity, who also has demonstrated a commitment to serve the people of our state.


Ileana Ros-LihtinenGoing to see Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtenen - August 13, 2009 - I received this complaint and thought that you should know how elected government officials office help treat you as a citizen.



Senator Bill NelsonGoing to see Senator Bill Nelson - August 13, 2009 - I received this complaint and thought that you should know how elected government officials office help treat you as a citizen.



Bad Judge, Teretha Lundy Thomas - August 8, 2009 Judge Teretha Lundy Thomas- When you think the laws are correct then you have to get a judge to read them the way the law was meant to be read.  All of the Landlord/Tenant laws have been thrown in the thrash when it comes to Teretha Lundy Thomas.  Florida Statute 83.51  Landlord’s obligation to maintain premises.  Florida Statute 83.51 is what the landlord is suppose to do to maintain their apartment building up Florida Building Codes.  They are required to....


Judge Shelley KravitzIs Judge Shelley Kravirtz Just PlainStupid - August 8, 2009 - Florida Statute 83.49 (2) The landlord shall, within 30 days of receipt of advance rent or a security deposit, notify the tenant in writing of the manner in which the landlord is holding the advance rent or security deposit and the rate of interest, if any, which the tenant


ImTapping your cell phone - June 29, 2009 -

Cell Phone Privacy StoryImagine someone watching your every move, hearing everything you say and knowing where you are at every moment. If you have a cell phone, it could happen to you. 13 Investigates explains how your cell phone can be secretly hijacked and used against you - and how to protect yourself

4 police officers caught in crash cover-up - July 29, 2009 - Miami Herald - HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- Four Hollywood police officers are accused of faking a crash report - and it was caught on an officer's dashboard camera.

DCF ignored case of baby who later died- July 29, 2009 - A Broward Circuit judge sought state intervention repeatedly for a vulnerable baby. But help for Bryce Barros came too late.

South Florida wish lists could face test in Congress - March 4, 2009 - Detractors call congressional earmarks 'pork,' but lawmakers say they help South Florida agencies pay for critical improvements.

Seminole Tribe pushes for renegotiating gambling pact with Florida - March 4, 2009 - The Seminole Tribe has launched an all-out campaign to sign a gambling pact with the state of Florida by May.

In stimulus plan, how much bang for the buck? - February 24, 2009 - Thousands of cities, counties compete for scarce infrastructure funds

Latest 'phishing' scam lures you with tax return - February 19. 2009 - Cyber-thieves' e-mail looks like it's from the IRS, but it's a rip-off

Florida could receive $13 billion stimulus - February 3, 2009 - TALLAHASSEE - Florida could receive more than $13 billion in the developing federal stimulus package, money badly needed in a state that plans to slash $4 billion from its own budget this spring.

New speaker a quiet conservative - January 31, 2009 - Larry Cretul, the Florida House's new speaker, has been a steady right-hand man to Ray Sansom.

Fla. House Speaker Ray Sansom steps aside' - January 31, 2009 - Besieged by criticism and facing criminal and ethical investigations into his dealings with a state college, House Speaker Ray Sansom stepped aside from his post today.

Sansom steps aside after 'very painful three months' - January 30, 2009 - Citing the "grave pain" that negative publicity has caused his family, Ray Sansom announced Friday he was stepping down as state House speaker.

Stimulus Formula Discounts Florida, GOP Says - January 30, 2009 - WASHINGTON - Florida Republicans from the Tampa Bay area and elsewhere are questioning whether the state would get its fair share of the $819 billion stimulus package the House passed Wednesday.

Florida may come up short in stimulus - January 30, 2009 - Florida leaders counting on more than $3.5 billion from a massive federal stimulus package to shore up the state's education budget learned Thursday there could be a catch.

Study: Fla. Gets C-Minus in Keeping Good Teachers, Removing Bad Ones - January 30, 2009 - WASHINGTON | Most states, including Florida, are not doing what it takes to keep good teachers and remove bad ones, a national study found.

Homelessness surges as funding falters - January 30, 2009 - Providers to the poor try to stretch meager resources to meet growing need

Crist: Florida 'better off' without State Farm - January 29, 2009 - ORLANDO, Fla. — State Farm said Tuesday that it has had enough of hurricane-prone Florida and intends to drop all of its property-insurance customers during the next 2 ½ years, forcing about 1.2 million policyholders to find new coverage.

Gelber to run for U.S. Senate - January 28, 2009 - State Sen. Dan Gelber launched his campaign for the U.S. Senate from his Miami Beach home.

Crist's vetoes irk Republicans - January 28, 2009 - Gov. Charlie Crist is starting to anger some fellow Republicans over the way he vetoed some of their budget cuts to popular programs.

Meek gets this Senate race started - January 24, 2009 - U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek of MIami, the first candidate out of the gate for the U.S. Senate seat to be vacated by Mel Martinez, will hold his first fundraiser Friday with a very special guest: former President Bill Clinton.

Senate Select Committee on Florida's Economy brain-storms solutions to the state's economic crisis - January 21, 2009 - BOYNTON BEACH — Dozens of local citizens lined up to offer advice to state senators today as they met to address Florida's economic crisis.

Legislature Passed Over Loopholes When Working On Budget - January 21, 2009 - TAMPA - While the Florida Legislature slashed budgets for schools, children's health care and living assistance for the elderly in its recent special session, it ignored a couple of easy fixes – loopholes in corporate tax law -- that could have produced revenue to avoid some of the worst cuts.

President Obama makes his way to new office - January 20, 2009 - Inaugural parade heads to White House, celebrating first black U.S. leaders.

Where Obama stands on Florida issues - January 20, 2009 - Here's the latest on how the new president has said he will deal with some issues of importance to Floridians:

Feds Intervene to Set Florida Water Quality Standards - January 19, 2009 - Rising Percentage of State Rivers, Lakes and Estuaries Impaired by Excess Nutrients

Inquiries keep Florida House speaker silent - January 19, 2009 - Ray Sansom continues to be a most unusual House speaker by keeping mostly silent as he faces inquiries into his dealings with his hometown college.

Student proposals impress lawmaker - January 18, 2009 - TAMPA — If these students got their way, cigarettes would be more expensive, police would drive hybrid cars and plastic foam containers wouldn't be in the school cafeterias.

A failure of leadership - January 14, 2009 - There is little doubt that the Florida Legislature will vote along party lines today when it approves a patchwork plan to solve the state's $2.4-billion deficit.

Florida Budget Cuts Hammer Schools & Healthcare - January 14, 2009 - State Senate Approves $2.8 Billion Budget Plan

Legislators Expect Deal By Monday On Budget Cuts - January 11, 2009 - Deal Made To Help Nursing Homes - New Traffic Fines, Other Changes To Help Plug Deficit:

Prosecutors charge Palm Beach County Commissioner McCarty's husband - January 10, 2009 - Prosecutors say he didn't report illegal acts by his wife for years

DeFede: Same Old Legislative Misery - January 9, 2009 - For several days I've been trying to write this column regarding the special legislative session taking place in Tallahassee. State revenues are off leaving the state with a $2 billion hole in this year's budget that they need to fill immediately. And projections are there will be another $4 billion gap in the 2009-2010 budget that the Legislature will have to address when it convenes for its regular session in a couple of months.

Legislators embrace cuts, avoid tax hikes - January 7, 2009 - TALLAHASSEE — Teachers are digging into their own pockets for school supplies. Identity-theft investigations are slowing down. And thousands of nursing home workers are bracing for layoffs.

Crisis getting worse, lawmakers are told - January 6, 2009 - Lawmakers returned to Tallahassee to cut the state budget and close the deficit but were greeted with more bad financial news.

Lawmakers To Slash Budget In Special Session - January 4, 2009 - Legislators Looking To Cut $2.3 Billion

State's growth nearly nil - January 3, 2009 - Florida's population growth crawled to a near standstill last year, the compounding result of a national recession and the downturn in the state real estate market. It was the slowest rate in Florida since 1944, during the height of World War II.

Editorial: Stop raiding trust fund to balance budget on backs of needy children - January 3, 2009 - Health of children essential in keeping Florida's economy, finances sustainable

s the Integrity of Florida's Judiciary in Question? - January 1, 2009 - Over the last month, the drama played out over the most recent nomination to the Florida Supreme Court has sparked sharp criticism of the judicial nominating process.

An Irresponsible Budget - - December 31, 2008 - House Speaker Ray Sansom and Senate President Jeff Atwater on Tuesday officially released their call for the special budget-cutting session set to start next week and it closely mirrors the trust-fund raids and cuts Gov. Charlie Crist recommended.

Florida Legislature to hear public's views on budget cuts - December 31, 2008 - As the Legislature heads into a special session on the state's budget crisis, lawmakers will offer the public a chance to speak out on proposed cuts.

Floridians get four hours to make budget suggestions - December 31, 2008 - TALLAHASSEE — The state Legislature will give the public a fleeting chance to sound off next week before making deep cuts in programs to patch a $2.3-billion budget deficit.

Supeme Court overturns death penalty case - December 30, 2008 -  The Florida Supreme Court made an unusual decision on Monday and agreed to overturn the death sentence of Willie H. Nowell who was convicted for first-degree murder. They remanded the case back to the trial court with new directions for a new trial.

Rustic filming locale Jimbo's Place 'should not be affected' by Virginia Key plan - December 30, 2008 -    The local film community, stressed already by deep slashes to the state's film incentive budget, can rest easy about losing one of its most popular shooting locations, a city official says.

Film industry leaders lobby Florida Legislature to pass stronger film incentives - December 30, 2008 - After cuts reduced Florida's filming incentives by 80%, members of the industry are lobbying the Legislature to pass a bill to restore Florida's competitive edge.

Alexander tells senate to ignore Crist budget solution - December 29, 2008 - IIgnore Gov. Charlie Crist’s budget recommendations that count on Seminole gambling money and make one-time cuts to day-to-day programs to cure Florida’s $2.3 billion budget gap, Senate budget chairman J.D. Alexander is ordering fellow senators.

Gov. Crist removes mosquito control commissioner (with DOCUMENT) - December 29, 2008 - A commissioner for the South Walton Mosquito Control District who had been on suspension since last December has been removed from office.

Reform judicial nominations - December 28, 2008 - As became evident this month, Florida gives the governor too much power over selecting judges.

Stop Being Stupid - December 27, 2008 - I’ve got a new year’s resolution and a new slogan for the country.

States slash Medicaid amid economic woes - December 26, 2008 - States from Rhode Island to California are being forced to curtail Medicaid, the government health insurance program for the poor, as they struggle to cope with the deteriorating economy.

Crist Admits Seminole Deal Has Little Hope - December 24, 2008 - TALLAHASSEE | Gov. Charlie Crist acknowledges there's little chance lawmakers will approve a deal to expand Seminole Indian gaming during a special legislative session next month.

Wellington judge talks with Crist as a finalist for spot on the Florida Supreme Court - December 24, 2008 - It was a long drive home to Wellington for Circuit Judge Jorge Labarga Wednesday, returning from a Tallahassee interview with Gov. Charlie Crist and staff as a finalist for a spot on the Florida Supreme Court.

Florida lags in school funding - December 24, 2008 - Florida ranks below the national average for teachers' pay and per pupil spending, according to the 65th annual report from the country's largest teachers' union.

Florida prisons will have new cooks in the kitchen - December 23, 2008 - Florida’s inmates will soon have a new chef in the kitchen. By the second week of January all food served in state prisons will be prepared by state employees and inmates.

Up is Down, Down is Up - December 22, 2008 - According to the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, here were some of our state's rankings in 2007:

Florida wears U.S. corruption crown - December 21, 2008 - Tired of seeing Florida constantly at the bottom of national rankings? Take heart. The Department of Justice says we're No. 1 in one category: corruption.

Lawmakers cash in with campus jobs - December 21, 2008 - Former and current lawmakers are finding employment at community colleges and state universities, even in times of cutbacks and curbs on enrollment.

Burst bubble pushes Florida jobless rate to 15-year high - December 20, 2008 - Normally, Florida’s jobless rate falls in November as the holiday hiring season gears up. But, as President Bush said this morning, these aren’t normal times.

Unemployment Inches Up - December 20, 2008 - Unemployment in Florida inched up three-tenths of a percent in November. 680,000 Floridians are now out of work. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, there are now 200,000 more Floridians out of work than there were a year ago.

A crumbling Florida House - December 19, 2008 - The Democratic leader of the Florida House doesn't look too good this week, but he still looks much better than the Republican speaker.

Spending cuts, gambling pact at heart of state budget plan - December 19, 2008 - TALLAHASSEE — Florida lawmakers can fill a $2.3-billion budget hole by trimming government spending, nearly emptying savings accounts and approving a gambling agreement with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, according to a draft document approved by Gov. Charlie Crist.

Ethics lacking in both parties - December 18, 2008 - With Republican state House Speaker Ray Sansom under public scrutiny for his ethical lapses, you would think Democrats would be particularly careful about their own conduct. You would be wrong.

Where's the Leadership?- December 18, 2008 - It's a question every Floridian should be asking themselves about our state government these days. We're facing a $2 billion dollar deficit, with an economy that isn't predicted to recover until 2010.

States Squeeze Cities, Spreading the Economic Pain - December 18, 2008 - The worst budget crisis in decades is forcing states to cut funding to cash-strapped cities, which already are slashing police, firefighters and other services.

DeFede: Hooray, Florida Still #1 For Corruption - December 18, 2008 - Ever since Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested, there has been a lot of talk about whether Illinois is the most corrupt state in the country.

Florida Electoral College Members Choose Obama - December 16, 2008 - TALLAHASSEE (CBS4) ― Members of Florida's Electoral College met on Monday to cast their votes for President-elect Barack Obama. Typically, the Electoral College vote is more ceremonial than anything.

Battle Continues Over Miami-Dade Teachers' Raises - December 15, 2008 - Teachers, School Board Members Attend Mediation

Fla. Legislature Meeting In 2009 To Slash Budget - December 15, 2008 - TALLAHASSEE (CBS4) ― In today's economy of budget shortfalls at the private and public level, many experts predicted Florida's legislature would hold a special session to deal with a budget deficit of millions, and Monday the announcement was made official.

Crist Says He Will 'Fight For Florida' - December 13, 2008 - Gov. Charlie Crist reflected this week in an interview with The Tampa Tribune on current controversies, the highs and lows of 2008 and what lies ahead in 2009.

Ros-Lehtinen Talks About Auto Bailout - December 12, 2008 - S. Fla. Representative Voted Against Bill

Florida's budget gap surges to $2.3-billion - December 11, 2008 - TALLAHASSEE — As the economy tanks, Florida legislators learned Wednesday that the state's budget deficit has ballooned to $2.3-billion — a $150-million increase in just a matter of weeks due mostly to soaring health care costs. The grim financial picture was laid out in detail during a rare pre-session meeting of the full Senate called by Senate President Jeff Atwater, who told the lawmakers that the state is running out of time and money.

Lawmakers seek to postpone vote on sugar deal - December 11, 2008 - Miami-Dade lawmakers, with a litany of concerns over state's sugar land-purchase deal, asked for a legislative review.

Many Parents Clueless About Newborn Genetic Tests - December 10, 2008 - (WCCO) Each year blood samples are taken from thousands of newborns to screen for more than 50 medical conditions.

Charlie Crist Signs for Florida Health Care - December 10, 2008 - Today, Floridians are one step closer to having the affordable, quality health insurance options they deserve. This morning, six insurers signed contracts with the State of Florida and became authorized to begin selling Cover Florida benefit options in less than one month. Beginning January 5, 2009, Floridians who have been looking for health coverage will have the opportunity to purchase a Cover Florida plan.

Crist defends pricey trade-mission tab - December 9, 2008 - TALLAHASSEE -- Gov. Charlie Crist on Tuesday defended the $430,000 cost of a 12-day European trade mission last summer. The trip, paid for by Florida businesses, cost far more than the original estimate of $255,000, and included $1,300 in room-service charges and $320 for portable electric fans to keep Crist cool, according to an analysis by the Sun Sentinel.

Miami-Dade lawmakers land key appointments - December 9, 2008 - TALLAHASSEE -- From controlling the state's purse strings to corralling Republicans, Miami-Dade's legislators have landed a few top spots in the state House and Senate that underscore South Florida's clout.

School Board Considers Abandoning $85M Computer Upgrade - December 4, 2008 - Computer Project Exceeds Budget, Misses Deadlines

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen Hangs Up On Obama, Emmanuel - December 3, 2008 - MIAMI -- Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen hung up on President-elect Barack Obama and chief of staff designate Rahm Emmanuel on Wednesday, thinking the calls were a joke.

Crist Working on Moratorium - November 25 - 2008 -Governor meets with officials in an attempt to freeze foreclosures.

Crist scales back holiday foreclosure moratorium plan - November 25 - 2008 - TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Charlie Crist expects to give a holiday gift to homeowners facing foreclosure - some help to postpone any action until next year. But the present is one they already have.

Florida leaders in denial about budget problem, Sink says - November 8, 2008 - TALLAHASSEE — Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink suggested Friday that the state's Republican leaders are in denial about the dire economy and they should call a special legislative session now to deal with the impact on the state budget.

Florida banks well-capitalized, ready to lend, bankers association says - Novermber 6, 2008 - According to the Florida Bankers Association, banks in Florida are well-capitalized and ready to lend.

Onslaught of dirty tricks as election day nears
In the final hours of the campaign, bogus fliers, e-mails and calls increase

Election Deception: The Web's 12 Dirtiest Tricks
If scammers have things their way -- with the help of a dozen sneaky ploys -- plenty of ballots will never make it to the boxes.

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