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Moving State Funds Should be Illegal


As I was going through the news I ran across an article from Florida Capital News called "Legislature Raids Trust Fund" Transportation money will be used to help plug budget shortfall by Jim Ash and I was thinking that Florida Republican Congress has already messed the Florida Budget up so bad that it is a wonder if anyone can figure it like it suppose be.  They have routed and rerouted money in every direction but the right way, toward making a good solid future decision for the State of Florida.

If there and not if but is a tax of 12 cents per gallon for road repairs it is suppose to go to road repair and nothing else.  Now the Republicans want and have made a decision of taking that money and using it on other things, I would say things as salaries and insurance for congress. 

There were four hundred people going through Halls of the Capital to argue that road building is the best recession-fighting fuel just to find out that congress had already made a deal to move the money to fill other gaps in the budget.   This is wrong, another late night backroom deal without letting the people know what is going on in our Capital until after all is done and over.  This is the way Republicans have and still are trying to destroy our country.

Rep. Gary Aubuchon, R-Naples said "Once again, that's one of the hard choices we face with a budget that cannot meet all of our needs or desires," which is not a hard decision because they should not have been there looking in the first place.  The money was to fix roads and only roads and not there to fill any gaps in the budget.  Republicans always make things look good for them which has to be stopped.

Bob Burleson, president of Florida Transportation Builder’s Association, (FTBA), predicted that the legislative decision will cost Florida 11,000 jobs.  This means more people out of work when there is no work in the first place.  Republicans have their heads up their butts and no way to remove them when they make decisions like moving money from one area to another, like stealing from Peter to pay Paul, flat out wrong.
Then you have another Republican, Jeff Atwater, who knew the deal was a done deal and never brought it up in front of the people that were there to protest the money being moved out of the Transportation Budget to cover other expenses, which is also wrong.  Why would anyone want to put these types of people back in office is beyond me.
Atwater said the Senate would fight to preserve the trust fund and create jobs. "We just won't stand for that," Atwater said.  This is a bunch of bull since they have already made the deal to move the money and he knows this but trying to cover his butt and confuse the people for Florida hoping that they will forget or some other ridiculous situation comes up first to take its place.
Jeff Atwater said "In this process, it's about finding common ground and give and take,”. and this is wrong.  This is a common statement from many politicians that should be removed from their vocabulary.  All this means is that they have been doing things wrong in the first place.  They put the common ground in because that way they can add things to a bill that has nothing to with that particular bill just to get votes for the bill.  A bill is either good, bad or just needs to be improved and not meant to be compromised.  They should consider only putting in a bill what the bill is related to only that bill and not add anything that is not related to it at all.  An good example was the with the Federal Government on Health Care Reform Bill when they added the Education section to Health Care which should not have been there in the first place.  Health Care Bill should be only Health Care and Education should be education only.  Even though in this case it was good for the country but in many cases it is bad and the people never know about it until it is too late.
My suggestion would be eliminate congress salaries and insurance until they get Florida back on track where it is suppose to be, very good jobs, excellent education, excellent Health Care for all, no more backroom deals in congress or any other government agency.

Call your Representative and tell them not to steal from Peter to pay Paul, period.  This is a bad policy and should have never been put in place.

It is time to replace all Republicans in the next election.  In my area it should be Alex Sink for Governor, and Kendrick Meek for Senator.




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