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About Miami Complaints


Miami Complaints is not only about the City of Miami but also includes Miami-Dade County, the State of Florida and the United States Federal Governments. We are designing this Website to help you understand the way the government and their agencies operate and how it will effect you now and in the future.

When learning about the different govenments that are suppose to work for you, you need to understand on how they work. On Things to Think About are some videos that will help you understand and make intelligent decisions when dealing with the people that work for the government.

Miami Complaints' mission is to bring renewed recognition to the people that the Florida Constitution's principle is that all power is inherent in the people and not that of the politicians. We engage in the political process as an advocate of ordinary Floridians. We serve as an educator of reasoned public policy and work to ensure government accountability.

Miami Complaints mission to empower citizens. We provide information and access that allow Floridians to be more involved in their government.

Miami Complaint’s goal is to expose misconduct, abuse, fraud, waste, mismanagement and abuse of power in judicial system, county projects, programs or contracts and expose it publicly and to seek appropriate remedies. 

Miami Complaints is concerned about the challenges facing our communities, state and nation. We are informing the people about the causes of and possible solutions to those challenges. We are a local vocal, spreading the word to others and communicating views to elected officials. We get involved in actively working for change and volunteering. Miami Complaints is committed to a lifelong determination to build a better world.

Promoting Ethics and Honesty

The promoting of ethics, honesty and generating efficiency with in our government has not been done since our forefathers signed the United States Constitution for this country back on September 17, 1787.  The reason that the promoting of ethics, honesty and generating efficiency within our government is not more efficient now is that the people of the United States do not get involved in the making of the laws.  The American people need to wake up.

Restore Trust in Government

To restore and promote the public’s trust in government will take a very long time because of the many years of fraud and the neglect of honesty and the promoting of good ethics within the city, county and state governments. 

Go Here for more information on how to get help from your government to help solve your problem.

One Thing to Understand about Getting Help

The government is so complicated the the people that work for the government, including the elected officials, do not know the laws and what their job is totally. During my dealings trying to get help I went through hell trying to get the help that I needed. One thing that I can share with you is to make sure you are looking in the right direction and understanding the way the government sets up the different "Districts" is very important. There is a different "District" for each government enitity, such as the City has their "District", The county has their "District" and the State has their "District". You are actually living in three different districts, which is very confusing if you have not ever done any work around the government agencies. Finding the right "District" will help you out a lot when trying to get help from the people that work for the government. You will need to determine which government agency can help, wheather it is the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County or State of Florida. Any one of them should put you in the right direction to get the correct help you need if you are not sure.

To find "Your District Representative" click on one of the links below:



Miami Complaints Blog
is a good place to start if you have something to say about the way the government is run.

Landlord/Tenant Laws
Check out my Blog about Landlord/Tenant issues. Learn about how the law is written and exactly how the laws works.

Things to Think About
Things to Think About are some videos that I think everyone should know and think about so you can make your own conclusion. Go here for the things that the American should not forget and let your representitives know what you think about their policies.

Here are Some More Important Websites
Here is where you can go for more organizations that will help inform you about what is going on in the State of Florida. You can also find some help here from different organizations throughout Florida.

Quote of the Year

The word 'politics' is derived from the word 'poly', meaning 'many', and the word 'ticks', meaning 'blood sucking parasites'.

Larry Hardiman

What Happens when you ignor politics When you ignor politics and when you least expect it then its too late.