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Very Bad Representatives for the City of Miami

I have contacted these people and they have disappointed me so bad that they are only in government so they can collect a good pension. These people do not help the people that are victimized by the employees of the government that they are to represent. As far I am concern these people should just drop out of their job as a government elected official. Read what they did or did not do when I contacted them for help about a very bad landlord.

Joe Sanchez for Mayor – I think “NOT” - October 22- 2009 -

Candidate for Mayor I was reading an article stating that City of Miami Commissioner Joe Sanchez was thinking about running for Mayor  for the City of Miami replacing Mayor Manny Diaz at the end of his term in 2009.  The question is, “Is Joe Sanchez ready to become Mayor?”, and I think not.  I will explain.



Ever Help Someone, But Then Regret It

District 107 Florida Representative Louis GarciaI think I did when I called and talked to Luis Garcia my representative from District 107 in Miami.

Last year I was trying to get some laws changed and went to Luis Garcia’s office for help. I met Matthew Monica which was Luis Garcia main aid as I was told. He seemed very pleasant at the time and told me that Luis Garcia would help me get some laws changed after the elections in which he was running for.
During the elections I decided to help Luis Garcia get elected to office and it was a very close race. I put good stuff about him on my websites and promoted him by word of mouth. I figured this would be the best way to get Landlord/Tenant Laws that were not working for the tenants changed to the better.
After the elections the whole atmosphere changed at his office. I tried to get to meet with Luis himself and I kept getting excuses. Then I got tired of open promises that led to nowhere.
One day I went to Matthew and plain out asked him what the problem was and then he started telling that they could only issue six laws during a year and that the Landlord/Tenant Laws were not a priority and it would not get done. After that I came unglued and then he told me not to ever come back to this office. This all took place quite a few months ago.
Last week I E-Mailed Luis Garcia asking to set up a meeting with him when he got back to Miami. There was no answer.
Today I called his office and Matthew answered and I asked him if Luis Garcia was there and he told me that he was not. He said that he would set up an appointed for me and he told me that he had to go to another computer. After a minute another man got on the phone and stated yelling at me telling me not to yell at Matthew. I did not know what he was even talking about and I could hardly understand him.
I asked him what he was talking about and that I was not yelling at anyone.
This man turned out to be Luis Garcia himself. I told him that Matthew lied to me and that I had helped to get him elected. I told him that Matthew had lied to him again and he told me that Mathew was good. He also thanked me for helping to get him elected.
Then we went on about what I wanted to see him for and I explained that the Landlord/Tenants Laws were not working and needed to be changed. He told me that I needed a Senator to Sponsor the bill and that Alex Diaz de la Portatilla was my Senator and if I got him to support the bill that he would support it too.
This was all great except the tone of his voice seemed to me that he was really not interested. The whole conversation was like I was bothering him. I am beginning to think that I had made a mistake to help get Luis Garcia elected and only time will tell. If Luis Garcia keeps this type of attitude with the rest of the people then I think he should resign and I think he should keep more taps on his help. You really have to know what your help is really doing when you are not there.





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