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City Organizations


Bond Oversight Board
Serves in an advisory capacity to the City Commission related to the monitoring of the resources derived from the issuance of general obligation bonds.

Budget Department
Institutionalize an entirely new strategic planning, budgeting, and performance measuring procedure that answers the needs and priorities of the citizens, the legislative body, and the administration.

Building Department
The Department of Buildings oversees building construction and alteration, enforces related codes and regulations, and provides a searchable database of City buildings information, online permits, and complaint forms.

Capital Improvements and Transportation
Our mission is to serve the public by coordinating the implementation of Capital Projects related to construction and design services, and improving the quality of life throughout city neighborhoods. This work includes: road and sidewalk repairs, storm sewer upgrades, drainage, park improvements, structural upgrades to exiting city facilities, and new construction. CIT also offers Procurement opportunities (Bids and contracts), financial management and Community outreach.

City Marinas
The City of Miami’s municipal marinas offer over 1,000 berths at three locations, and have provided safe, comfortable accommodations to local and visiting boaters for over five decades

Civil Service
We are the "Watchdog" for the fair and consistent application of Civil Service Rules and Regulations for the benefit of City of Miami employees, administration, and residents.

Civilian Investigative Panel
The Civilian Investigative Panel (CIP), created by City of Miami Ordinance No. 12188, provides for independent and impartial citizens’ oversight of the Miami Police Department.

City Clerk's Office
Responsible for the recording, transcribing and safeguarding of Commission minutes and legislation; legislative research; lobbyist registration; bid openings; records management administration citywide; boards and committees administration; acceptance of passport applications for United States citizens; attesting to contracts; attending bond validation proceedings, supervising and certifying the results of municipal elections, as well as employee representation at Civil Service Board elections and other designated advisory boards.

Code Enforcement
It is the mission of the Code Enforcement Division of the City of Miami to work in partnership with the people of Miami to promote and maintain a safe and
desirable living and working environment.

Community Development
coordinates programs funded through federal and state grants to assist Miami’s economically disadvantaged residents and neighborhoods.

Community Relations Board
The Community Relations Board’s mission is to foster mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect, among all economic, social, religious and ethnic groups in the City of Miami.

Emergency Management Information
City of Miami Emergency Management webpage will provide valuable information on how to prepare for the event of a hurricane. The site is loaded with contact information, checklists, and more. All at the residents and visitors fingertips.

Economic Initiatives
It is our mission to enhance livability across all communities in the City of Miami with the best possible tools of service and be at the forefront of innovation and information-sharing.

Employee Relations
Providing excellent human resource services in a positive, professional, and proactive manner.

Finance Department
Manages and invests public funds in accordance with the City Charter and with policies set by the City Commission. Functions include issuing municipal bonds, collecting revenues from receipt and other fees, and providing general accounting services.

We will serve the citizens of Miami in a professional manner by providing rapid emergency response and other services to save lives and protect property

Grants Administration
The Office of Grants Administration (OGA) is the designated office that City Departments contact for assistance in project planning, proposal writing, application assembly, and monitoring financial and budgetary compliance with grantor agency guidelines.

Hearing Boards
The Department of Hearing Boards processes applications, petitions, advertisings, signs of posting, notifications to property owners and schedules public hearings and meetings.

Historic Preservation
The historic preservation program promotes the identification, evaluation, rehabilitation, adaptive use, and restoration of the City's historic, architectural, and archeological heritage.

Information Technology Department
To deliver high-quality, focused, aggressive business solutions to the City of Miami by offering consumer-centric services and cost-efficient communications and information technologies.

Mayors International Council

Miami Police Department
The Miami Police Department will maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity.  We are committed to the philosophy of community and neighborhood policing. 

NET’s mission is to improve the quality of life and business for Miami residents by: facilitating professional, courteous and efficient delivery of municipal services; developing partnerships which bridge the gap between the public and private concerns; and enhancing and revitalizing Miami’s diverse neighborhoods.

Office of the Auditor General
The activities of the Office of the Independent Auditor General add value, enhance performance, accountability, responsibilities, and improve the City’s financial/operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Office of Commissioner Angel González - District 1

Office of Commissioner Marc Sarnoff - District 2

Office of Commissioner Joe Sanchez - District 3

Office of Commissioner Tomas Regalado - District 4

Office of Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones - District 5

Office of the City Attorney
The Office of the City Attorney provides a broad scope of legal services and advice to the Mayor, City Commissioners, City Manager as well as to all City Departments.

Office of Communications
The mission of the Department of Communications is to facilitate communication, both internally and externally in a reliable, ethical and resourceful manner and to provide programming for and about the City of Miami and its citizens in an effort to educate, inform and enhance our community.

Office of the Mayor
Manny Diaz was elected as Mayor of the City of Miami on November 13, 2001. Having never before held elected office, Diaz’s victory signaled a clean break with the history of Miami politics. Under Diaz’s leadership, Miami is entering an age of renaissance.

Miami Office of Sustainable Initiatives
The Miami Office of Sustainable Initiatives (MSI) is the designated office responsible for addressing the City's environmental programs by coordinating with other City Departments and environmental experts to assure that the City of Miami is working toward becoming a model for environmental best practices.

Parks and Recreation Department
The goal of the Department of Parks and Recreation is to serve all of the residents of the City of Miami by providing safe, clean, and wholesome recreational, educational and cultural activities in order to promote a sense of community.

Purchasing Department
The Purchasing Department has been established to administer the procurement process on behalf of the City.

Planning Department
The Planning Department provides guidance for the future development of the City of Miami by preparing neighborhood plans; administering, interpreting, and preparing amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and the Miami Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan; preparing recommendations to and administering the Zoning Board, Planning Advisory Board, Historic and Environmental Preservation Board, and other hearing boards; and collecting and analyzing demographic, physical, social, and economic data on the City of Miami. 

Public Facilities
To be recognized as a provider of quality facilities and first class services.

Risk Management
The City’s Risk Management Department is a service provider, working closely with all operating departments within the City in an effort to protect the City’s financial, physical, and human resources more effectively.

Solid Waste Department
To promote a clean and healthy environment by collecting and disposing of garbage and trash, pursuant to the requirements and regulations of the City code and by providing other Solid Waste services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Mayor's Office of Film and Cultural Affairs



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