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City of Miami
District 2
Marc Sarnoff


Commissioner Marc Sarnoff District 2

Commissioner Marc Sarnoff

District 2
E-mail: msarnoff@miamigov.com
(305)250-5333  VOICE
(305) 858-5329 TTY
(305)579-3334 FAX

City Hall
3500 Pan American Drive
Miami FL, 33133

Miami, Florida- City of Miami Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff launched his website this week. The goal of the site is to keep constituents informed about developments in District 2, as well as make the Commissioner’s office more accessible to Miami residents. The website features information about recent events, staff members and how to contact them; press releases, important phone numbers and more. The website is available in English and Spanish.

Press Releases
10/28/2008 Commissioner Sarnoff, with City Manager Pete Hernandez, to Host Premier Private Screening of Acclaimed Documentary on America's Financial Crisis
7/25/2008 Commissioner Sarnoff Smart Move
7/23/2008 Mercy Hospital Re-Zoning Litigation
7/3/2008 Mayor Diaz & Commissioner Sarnoff Hold Press Conference To Urge Support for The Coconut Grove Master Plan
4/22/2008 Commissioner Sarnoff Continues to Advocate for Safer Neighborhoods
4/17/2008 Milam Brothers to Make $4,000 Donation to Food Pantries in Coconut Grove
4/15/2008 MADD Honors Commissioner Sarnoff
3/31/2008 Commissioner Sarnoff Invites Community to a Special Screening of Who Killed the Electric Car?
2/28/2008 Commissioner Sarnoff Supports Anti-Drug Campaign Initiative
2/26/2008 Weapons Ban - Detective Walker Relief Fund
2/14/2008 Weapons Ban reinstatement request letter   read more>>
2/11/2008 Commissioner Sarnoff requests citizens to write Congress concerning the Assault Weapons Ban - Watch Video (0:46)
11/29/2007 Swearing In Ceremony to be Held for District 2, Commissioner Sarnoff
11/8/2007 Affordable Housing Proposal to Bolster Local Market
11/2/2007 Mayor Manny Diaz & Commissioner Sarnoff Inaugurate the US1 Replacement Wall Project
9/26/2007 Commissioner Sarnoff Makes Public Safety a Priority for the FY 2008 Budget
9/26/2007 Commissioner Sarnoff's Miami on the Streets
9/6/2007 Commissioner Sarnoff Invites Community to the Unveiling of Blanche, "Man's Best Friend" Dog Sculpture
8/13/2007 Commissioner Sarnoff Hosts Back to School Celebration with Backpack Give Away
7/10/2007 City of Miami Presented with $400,000 Check from Environmental Protection Agency
5/22/2007 Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff to Introduce a Photographic History to the City of Miami at Book Launch at Books and Books
5/08/2007 City of Miami Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff ‘s Team are Winners of the District Softball Challenge against Commissioner Sanchez
5/02/2007 City of Miami Commissioners’ Softball Challenge Will Settle Debate Over Best District
2/28/2007 Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff Launches District 2 Website
2/23/2007 Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff Wins Another Park Victory For District 2
2/23/2007 Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff Successfully Passes Tree Ordinance
2/09/2007 Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff Raises Awareness About Deforestation




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