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City of Miami
District 1
Angel Gonzalez

Commissioner District 1
City Commissioner Angel Gonzalez

Commissioner Angel Gonzalez

District 1
E-mail: agonzalez@ci.miami.fl.us
305)250-5430 VOICE
(305)250-5456 TTY

Angel González, Commissioner
District 1
City of Miami City Hall
3500 Pan American Dr.
Miami FL 33133
Telephone: 305-250-5430
Fax: 305-250-5456


This is an exciting time to be a Miamian and especially a resident of District 1. From the first day of my election in November 2001 I have focused on issues that affect the quality of life of our residents from the conditions of our lakes, rivers and canals to the quality of our streets and parks. But quality of life is not only impacted by infrastructure types of issues, but also by the quality of City services, especially Police, Solid Waste, and Code Enforcement. In all these areas we have made significant progress and I as Chairman of the Quality of Life Task Force have been instrumental in ensuring that our district is in the forefront

Our office doors are always open and we try to address all complaints with a visit from our staff on the same day. If you need some assistance please call us at (305) 250-5430.

Angel González
District 1

Projects Created in District 1 - Projects that Commissioner has worked on as a completed or on-going projects. Click Here for a complete list.





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