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City Directory


City of Miami

Telephone Directory

General City Information:
Dial 311 (Out of Area: 888-311-DADE , TDD Users: 305)

City Hall 3500 Pan American Drive, Miami, FL 33133
Miami Riverside Center 444 S.W. 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33130


City of Miami
Telephone Directory
Department Name Title Number
Mayor Manuel A. Diaz Mayor (305)250-5300
Mayor Isabel De Armas Director of Operations (305)250-5301
Commissioner Gonzalez - DISTRICT 1 Angel Gonzalez Commissioner (305)250-5430
Commissioner Sarnoff- DISTRICT 2 Marc Sarnoff Commissioner (305)250-5333
Commissioner Sarnoff- DISTRICT 2 Patricia Mayor Special Aide (305)250-5331
Commissioner Sanchez - DISTRICT 3 Joe M. Sanchez Commissioner (305)250-5380
Commissioner Regalado - DISTRICT 4 Tomas P. Regalado Commissioner (305)250-5420
Commissioner Spence-Jones - DISTRICT 5 Michelle Spence-Jones Commissioner (305)250-5390
City Manager Bill Anido Assistant City Manager (305)416-1027
City Manager Pedro G. Hernandez City Manager (305)250-5400
City Manager Julie Mansfield Director (305)642-1271
City Manager Larry Spring Chief Financial Officer (305)416-1011
City Manager Orlando Toledo Senior Director (305)416-1448
City Manager Peter W. Korinis CIO (305)416-1550
City Manager Pieter Bockweg Assist.to Sr. Director of Building,Planning,Zoning (305)416-1455
City Manager Robert Parente Director-Mayor's Office of Film,Arts,Culture & Ent (305)860-3823
City Manager Elvi Gallastegui Agenda Coordinator (305)416-2076
City Manager Gilbert Cabrera Chief of Staff (305)250-5314
City Manager Robert Fenton Project Manager & Sr Assistant to the City Manager (305)416-1002
City Manager Roger Hernstadt Assistant City Manager (305)416-1009
City Manager Lynn Westall Senior Assistant to the City Manager (305)250-5407
City Manager Michelle Piña, Ph.D. Senior Assistant to City Manager (305)250-5477
Auditor General, Office of Victor I. Igwe Independent Auditor General (305)416-2044
Bayfront Park Management Trust Timothy F. Schmand Executive Director for MSEA (305)373-8780
Bayfront Park Management Trust Jose Gell Executive Officer (305)373-8784
Building Hector Lima Director (305)416-1102
Building Christine B. Morales Assistant Director (305)416-1176
Building Javier Carbonell Deputy Director (305)416-1131
CIP - Capital Improvement Program Ola O. Aluko Director (305)416-1225
CIP - Capital Improvement Program David J. Mendez Assistant Director (305)416-1240
CIP - Capital Improvement Program Gary Fabrikant Assistant Director (305)416-1224
CIP - Capital Improvement Program Pilar Saenz Assistant Director (305)416-1463
CitiStat Don Riedel Director (305)416-1785
City Attorney, Office of the Julie O. Bru City Attorney (305)416-1816
City Attorney, Office of the Barnaby Min Assistant City Attonrey (305)416-1809
City Clerk Priscilla A. Thompson, CMC City Clerk (305)250-5360
City Clerk Pamela E. Burns Assistant City Clerk (305)250-5367
Civil Service Tishria L. Mindingall Executive Secretary (305)416-2020
Civilian Investigative Panel Shirley Richardson Executive Director (305)579-2444
Civilian Investigative Panel Carol Abia Assistant Director (305)579-2444
Code Enforcement Mariano Loret de Mola Director (305)416-2039
Code Enforcement Sergio Guadix Chief of Code Enforcement (305)416-2089
Communications, Office of Kelly Penton Director (305)416-1440
Community Development George Mensah Director (305)416-1978
Community Development Alfredo Duran Deputy Director (305)416-1999
Community Development Pedro Mirones Assistant Director (305)416-1936
Community Development Roberto Tazoe Assistant Director (305)416-1984
Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) James H. Villacorta Executive Director (305)679-6823
Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Clarence Woods Assistant Director (305)679-6802
Community Relations Office Ada Rojas Community Relations Coordinator (305)416-1351
Employee Relations Hector Mirabile, Ph.D. Director (305)416-2110
Employee Relations Maria Ferrer-Miralles EODP Administrator (305)416-1990
Finance Diana M. Gomez Director (305)416-1324
Finance S. Pete Chircut Treasurer (305)416-1945
Fire-Rescue William W. Bryson Fire Chief (305)416-5401
Fire-Rescue Maurice Kemp Deputy Fire Chief of Administration (305)416-5403
Fire-Rescue Loran Dougherty Deputy Fire Chief of Operations (305)416-5407
General Services Administration Alex Martinez Deputy Director (305)329-4856
General Services Administration Kelly Barket, Jr. Director (305)329-4854
Grants Administration Robert J. Ruano Director, Grants & Sustainable Initiatives (305)416-1532
Grants Administration Dorcas Perez Community Partnerships Manager (305)416-1536
Grants Administration Vanessa Munoz VISTA Program Coordinator (305)416-1519
Hearing Boards Teresita L. Fernandez Executive Secretary (305)416-2038
Homeless Programs, Office of the Sergio Torres Homeless Assistance Program Administrator (305)576-9900
Information Technology Derrick Arias Assistant Director (305)416-1591
Information Technology James E. Osteen Jr. Assistant Director (305)416-1511
Liberty City Community Revitalization Trust Elaine Black President/CEO (305)635-2301
Miami Sports & Exhibition Authority MSEA Miami Sports & Exhibition Auth   (305)350-7861
NET David Rosemond Director (305)416-1992
NET Albert E. Zamorano NET Administrator - Wynwood/Edgewater (305)579-6931
NET Ana Rodriguez NET Administrator - West Flagler (305)329-4760
NET Eddie Padilla-Morales NET Administrator - Downtown (305)579-6007
NET Fausto Callava Net Administrator - Flagami (305)960-2891
NET Haydee Wheeler NET Administrator - NE Coconut Grove (305)960-4670
NET Karen Coplin Cooper NET Administrator - SW Coconut Grove (305)461-7063
NET Liza Gallardo Walton NET Administrator - Coral Way (305)329-4750
NET Loren Daniel NET Administrator - Overtown (305)372-4550
NET Maria T. Mascarenas NET Administrator - Upper Eastside (305)795-2330
NET Pablo Canton NET Administrator - East Little Havana (305)960-4650
NET Rasha Cameau NET Administrator - Little Haiti/Edison/Little Riv (305)960-4660
NET vonCarol Kinchens-Haynes NET Administrator - Model City (305)795-2303
Offstreet Parking Authority * Offstreet Parking Authority   (305)579-8105
Parks & Recreation Ernest Burkeen Director (305)416-1320
Planning Ana Gelabert-Sanchez Director (305)416-1470
Planning Carmen Sanchez Assistant Director (305)416-1417
Police John Timoney Chief of Police (305)603-6100
Police Frank G. Fernandez Deputy Chief (305)603-6120
Police Adam L. Burden II Assistant Chief (305)603-6130
Public Facilities Daniel Newhoff Assistant Director (305)416-5962
Public Facilities Madeline Valdes Assistant Director-Asset Management (305)416-1461
Public Works Stephanie N. Grindell Director (305)416-1200
Public Works Francis Mitchell Assistant Director (305)416-1218
Public Works Julianne Diaz Assistant Director (305)416-1260
Purchasing Glenn Marcos Director (305)416-1910
Purchasing Michael Rath Assistant Director (305)416-1921
Risk Management LeeAnn Brehm Director (305)416-1716
Risk Management Elliot Fixler Assistant Director (305)416-1767
Risk Management Magaly Gonzalez Assistant Director (305)416-1757
Risk Management Patrice Rey Safety/ADA Coordinator (305)416-1732
Solid Waste Mario Soldevilla Director (305)960-2804
Solid Waste Barbara Pruitt Assistant Director (305)960-2802
Strategic Planning, Budgeting, and Performance Michael J. Boudreaux Director, Management & Budget (305)416-1585
Virginia Key Beach Park Trust David L. Shorter Executive Director (305)960-4602
Virginia Key Beach Park Trust Guy Forchion Director of Operations (305)960-4603
Virginia Key Beach Park Trust Robert Blount Museum Director (305)960-4608
Virginia Key Beach Park Trust Valria Screen Development Director (305)960-4605
Zoning, Office of Aldo Reyes Zoning Information Supervisor (305)416-1493


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